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P. Duncan, Author

I live and work in the WTC area, and after the trauma disrupted my health, writing space, home, neighbors, neighborhood, memory, peace-of-mind and overall daily well-being, I accepted the Red Cross' offer of recovery and mental health counseling, and found this very special practitioner, William Kaplanidis and his colleague.

I thank William Kaplanidis for providing the acupressure, counseling and holistic practices that helped restore my memory, health and outlook. As a creative artist, once the WTC health assistance expired, I stayed, for William Kaplanidis' work is fabulous and extensive, especially for a creative artist like myself. Here's to health and healing. I recommend William Kaplanidis to any creative artist or other modern person who needs to learn and practice relaxation techniques.

David McInerney, M.A., LMFT

I'll never forget my first session with William. In addition to the acupuncture and massage, we did a visualization exercise that opened up emotional channels that had been closed for a long time. William's holistic approach has allowed me to see the connection between body, mind, and spirit. He taught me that I'm not a passive recipient of a professional's care, but an active participant in my own health. I've learned that the mental and emotional attitude I bring to my health is a key factor in my well-being.

In addition to individual treatment, I've enjoyed his T'ai Chi and Qi Gong classes. He has also offered me invaluable information on nutrition, diet, and meditation. Thanks, William! You're the best.

Lydia Hummel

I started working with William when all of my "western medicine" doctor's solutions were mere pain killers. My first reason for visiting was a hamstring injury that progressed to knee pain. This was the beginning of what I call the "body balance treatment" that has included acupuncture, herbal and holistic practices. Over the past 8 years, the treatment has varied depending on my condition and needs.

The monthly session has helped me to maintain balance at work and home. Consistently, William has identified the emotional stresses that play out physically, and is able to help me find a resolve. This is extremely helpful when residing in New York City. I cannot thank or recommend William enough for all of his insight and successful treatments. He truly has a gift that he so generously shares.

Alice Korngold, Author

Two top orthopedic surgeons told me that they had given me the limit of cortisone injections to treat my "tennis elbow", a painful condition that was persisting over the course of 18 months, caused by overuse of my laptop and dragging a suitcase for business travel. Doctors recommended surgery but success was far from assured. At this point, my right arm was not only in pain, it was completely incapacitated - no writing, no e-mailing, no housework, no carrying, no hand-shaking, no holding a fork!

An internist at a leading medical research center recommended acupuncture. My personal trainer, a professional dancer, had been recommending William Kaplanidis for months. I finally "heard" the recommendation. After several visits to William for acupuncture (all most pleasant experiences, flute music recordings and all), my arm is 100% healed! It is hard for me to believe, but it is entirely true. I now refer friends and relatives to William and he solves their problems too!


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